Wide Band Coverage
Powerful Audio Output
Multiple Safety Assurance
Build-in Scrambler
Professional Two-way Radio
Staff members in these industries, such as public security, government, wharf,
water resource and power, large hotel, logistics and etc, are usually divided into
many groups. A radio without LCD and keypad applied in these industries
cannot realize individual call and grouping communications management, thus it
is inconvenient for the clients. However, all these troubles shall be solved when
you choose HYT TC-780.
TC-780, as the medium to high tier portable radio with LCD, numeric keypad,
wide-band coverage and 256 channels, has integrated cutting-edge analog
technology, and shall definitely fulfill your every demand on grouping and
dispatching. We believe that HYT TC-780 will bring you the most cost-effective
use experience thanks to its powerful functions and reliable performance.