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One of many successful system deployed
Recently HYT Electronics installed and commissioned a two-way radio Patrol and Record system for Westfield Northlakes shopping centre in Brisbane.

Previous to the Patrol and Record system,Westfield staff was using a wand system to record their movements as they moved around the centre.

One of the drawbacks with the old wand system is that staff had to carry a wand and pass it over Ibuttons(installed in various places around the shopping centre) in order to record their movements.This meant staff had to spend time walking to each Ibutton while carrying out their normal duties.

With the new HYT TS6200 Patrol Record System, the wand is replaced with a TC700 patrol hand held radio. When a TC700 patrol hand held radio approaches a TX92 Patrol Point,the radio automatically sends(in real time)to the TS6200 Patrol Record systems, the Patrol Point's ID, the radio ID and the time and date. This data is recorded and displays on TS6200 Patrol Record System for immediate and or later analysis.

Customer's Voice
"I am happy to advise the HYT Patrol Record system installed recently is fully operatonal and working to and exceeding our expectations" says Mr.Darrin Sneesby, Security Manager Westfield Northlakes.

The program is easy to use and the reporting system is very comprehensive.

The system provides a very useful tool in the day to day running of the shopping centre.

It has now become a fundamental tool in the daily running of the shopping centre, helping to improve human resource efficiency and providing added security for staff members.

In litigation cases where shoppers claims they have slipped over spillages on the floor, we can now show our duty of care from records stored in the Patrol Record system's data base.

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