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Conventional analog wireless communication devices efficiently support daily communication for enterprises operation thanks to their short call delay, rapid response, high efficiency, and strong stability. Therefore, it is favored by many enterprises amid the wired dispatching system and 2G/3G dispatching system. Enterprises expand rapidly during the economic boom. However, the wireless dispatching systems are prone to the following problems:
(1) Conventional analog channels do not support effective communication between departments, who has their own designated channel.
(2) The conventional analog channels become increasingly congested due to a growing number of employees. The employee needs to answer all calls to determine whether he/she is involved due the absence of effective group call.
(3) Applications for new frequencies are susceptible to rejection by the local radio management authority, because spectrum efficiency of analog communication is much lower than that of digital communication.

Geared to communication needs of large enterprises, Hytera has designed a 400M DMR solution.
(1) The solution employs the DMR system with higher frequency efficiency. TDMA can double system capacity without additional frequencies. For example, one conventional analog channel allows 30 terminals to make calls, while one digital conventional channel on two time slots support 60 terminals.
(2) The DMR system can group call users according to their tasks within a department..
(3) With the IP interconnection technology, the DMR system enables independent departments to communicate when necessary, or even allows departments apart to communicate over the Internet.
(4) The dispatching console helps enterprise executives centrally dispatch all employees by voice or SMS, raising management efficiency. The DMR can effectively increase coverage of wireless communication, facilitate inter-department coordination and communication, and increase call capacity, thus helping executives manage employees more efficiently.

1.Clear digital voice communication
Narrowband voice encoding, digital correction technologies and unique noise suppression capability combine to guarantee clear voice even in a noisy work environment.
2.TDMA increases system capacity
TDMA allows two groups of users to make calls on a 12.5 KHz channel of one repeater. One digital repeater can serve the functions of two analog ones, which means one digital repeater doubles the call capacity.
3.Simulcast saves spectrum resources
The solution includes simulcast technology. Repeaters of different departments can share the same frequency. This removes the need to obtain multiple frequencies, helping greatly to simplify the system and save frequencies and costs for enterprises.
4.IP interconnection supports worldwide connection
Repeaters can be networked over IP for departments/branches worldwide.
5.Dispatching software enables central dispatching
The dispatching software can dispatch calls to any department or individual as required.

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