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TC700 Patrol Hand Held Radio
This model of radio is designed specifically to improve safety!
Man Down
Lone Worker
Safety Check
Versatile Emergency Alarm
Communication Range Alert
Individual Call, Group Call, All Call
Stun, Kill, Revive
Voice Scrambling
Channel Enunciation
Battery Status Enunciation

The TS6200 Patrol Recording System
With the TS6200 patrol recording system, locating staff and recording events has never been easier. The TS6200 is essentially an in building or outdoor location and reporting system that tracks staff carrying hand held two way radios and records their last known location as well as send and record vital information that can be used at a later date in response to event's that may occur.
Here's how it works:
Low power fixed transmitters called Patrol points (TX92) are strategically positioned in key area's around the building. When a radio moves past the TX92 transmitter the radio sends the TX92 ID back to a base radio connected to a PC running the TS6200 patrol recording software. This information is then displayed on a map of the building and is indicated on the map by a flashing icon. In addition to location information the radio will also alert the user to send one of many predefined message's such as "spill cleaned" or "Door checked and secured" which is also recorded along with time and date stamps. All information recorded can be reproduced in a tailored report and reports can be generated at any time when required.
The TC 700 handheld portable radio is also equipped with a wide variety of safety features such as Man Down, Lone Worker, Safety Check and Communications Range Alert which provides radio users with a extensive range of tools to assist in their safety and protection.

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